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Hunter is a gritty 2D Action Platformer inspired by Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight and Mega Man 11


My Work

•Developed over 8 weeks half-time using our in-house engine TGA2D

•Third group project at TGA

•CO-designed with Claes Lewenhaupt

•Level Design

•Game Design


Development Process


Early screenshot from Tiled


Level Flow flowchart ft. the purpose of each room


Hunter was developed in our in-house engine but using Tiled as our level editor. We used separate layers for interactables, decor and foliage.

Level Flow

Inspired by Mega Man 11 and Shovel Knight, rooms were not always one single screen; some would pan to the side. Progression was not always to the east, as we wanted the player to feel like they were journeying deep into the underground.

Levels were layed out like so in diagrams to show the macro-design before we began micro-designing each room.


Paper Design of a scrapped level


The Japanese level design philosphy Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu is taken into account in all of my levels. It is a well-established template, however I believe following it too precisely creates predictable experiences.

I try to keep a good rhythm in my levels with high- and low intensity, breathing rooms, and always a satisfying conclusion.

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