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Cyber Rescue: Virus Eruption


Cyber Rescue: Virus Eruption is an 80's synthwave Arcade Racer featuring fast paced gameplay, anime style cutscenes and a soundtrack by Mitch Murder


My Work

•Developed over 8 weeks half-time parallel to developing our own in-house engine Ugnen

•Fifth group project at TGA

•First group project with Spelkonditoriet

•CO-designed with Jacob Tjernström and Noel Toivio

•Level Design

•Game Design

•Spline work

Development Process


A spline path in Unity

unknown (1).png

Lots of props but only collision where necessary


All of Spelkonditoriet's games are developed in Ugnen, but we use Unity as our level editor. For this project we made the player follow a spline which we manipulated and iterated upon a lot.


Ugnen was still mid-development during this project, and so it was not yet optimized for lots of collision boxes.

A lot of my work went to optimize the levels for better framerate.


Racing up the Twisted Tower (Turning Torso)

Twisted Tower

Inspired by our local surroundings, we payed homage to the tallest scyscraper in Sweden, Turning Torso.

In a three-act structure, the game revolves around this landmark. Composition in early levels frames it as being of great importance, and subsequent levels have you racing up and down into its core.

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