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The Secret of Frogland


The Secret of Frogland is a top down adventure game with Zelda style dungeon design and lots of charm


My Work

•Developed over 6 weeks half-time using our in-house engine TGA2D

•Fourth group project at TGA

•CO-designed with Rikard Carlsson

•Dungeon/Puzzle Design

•Level Design

•Game Design

•NPC Dialogue


Development Process

unknown (1).png

Early screenshot from Tiled


Final dungeon overview and Flow Graph


Frogland was developed in our in-house engine but using Tiled as our level editor. We used separate layers for interactables, decor and foliage.

Dungeon flow

With this group project I wanted to challenge myself by designing a fully fledged Zelda style dungeon.

I used GMTK's Dungeon Graph system to visualize the flow.


Page from our GDD

Dungeon Design

It was important for me that the player had to use their spatial awareness to solve the dungeon. I wanted it to feel like one big puzzle, and that the player had to consider it as a whole.


Puzzles were not always contained in separate rooms. Flipping a switch in one room would affect the layout of other rooms in the dungeon.

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