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Let's Go! Pupforce!


Let's Go! Pupforce! is a light hearted Shoot em' up with a unique Power Up System that twists the gameplay of the genre.


•Developed over 8 weeks half-time using our in-house engine TGA2D

•Second group project at TGA

•CO-designed with Josefin Matsson

My Work

•Level Design

•Game Design

•Enemy Patterns

Development Process


Enemy patterns drawn in Tiled


Levels put together in an overview for the team


Pupforce was developed in our in-house engine but using Tiled as our level editor. Enemies were placed as a prefab, and their movement could be drawn freehand.


As a Level Designer, I see great importance of communicating with the team to reach a shared vision. Shoot em' up levels are difficult to visualize, so I put together an Overview document featuring our Alpha paper designs.


Notes from Game Design meeting about Power Ups

Designing by reduction

Going in to this project, everyone was very optimistic about the scope. A lot of features were cut, but it really worked to our advantage. The finished product turned out to be a really good and charming experience.

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