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Ventriloquest is a moody Point & Click Adventure game set in an abandoned circus, shut down after a tragic candy floss accident featuring the world's most famous Ventriloquist duo.


My Work

•Developed over 8 weeks half-time using LÖV

•First group project at TGA

•CO-designed with Agnes Hagström

•Level Design

•Game Design

•Puzzle Design

•Initial Composition Drafts

Development Process


Initial overview of the circus with camera placements


Circus 3D-modeled in Maya

Paper Design

Ventriloquest was the first group project I worked on after starting TGA, so a lot of work was simply learning about pipelines, source control, and most importantly teamwork.

While the programmers were setting up LÖV, I was able to 
playtest almost all puzzles with just pen and paper.


Although the game is played from set camera angles, the circus was an actual 3D scene with the different cameras placed in the world. This allowed me to build a space with correct space planning aswell as good composition.


Visualization of interactable triggerboxes


Every single triggerbox was placed by us using a .txt file where we would specify the width, height, x-pos and y-pos of every box. The results were not updated in realtime, so each trigger was placed by trial-and-error.

The importance of a good pipeline was learnt!

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